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Emulator Nexus private BC2 Servers
« on: May 21, 2013, 12:22:42 am »
Emulator Nexus self-hosted BC2 Servers

Some of you may of heard about Emulator Nexus
Some smart people have reversed the EA Plasma back-end, and created the resources needed to run BF:BC2 servers on your own hardware.

We've looked into this, and acquired the necessary server files to run a BC2 server(s)
While it's a 'work in progress' for both us, and the developers who are managing the Back-end software, it is surprisingly stable in its current form.

The best thing about this is, it behaves just like the normal BC2 that you've been playing for years, and the player count is increasing, while the Official EA servers are slowly dying off.

There are a few bonuses to running Nexus BC2 Servers, the most obvious one is custom maps!
In the next few days, we'll make up a pack, so you can edit the maps at home, and if they work out ok, we'll give them a run on one of our servers.
Many mods can be done server side only, New bases, new spawns, more vehicles...
But some of the heavier mods will need client side updates too. we can host the files needed should it come to that.

You will need to register here to create your soldier account.
And to be able to log in to the Nexus servers, you need to add a file to your game install directory.
See here for a guide, dinput8.dll is the file you are looking for, the current version at this time is attached to this post. But you can get the newest version from the link above.
Its quick and painless to do, just drop dinput8.dll in to C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Battlefield Bad Company 2\   
And you are good to play.

We are currently running two x5 XP servers, so it doesn't take long to get all your unlocks.
Join the servers, and get to the fight soldier!

Mod tools/info and related can be found here
We hope to be playing on one of your custom maps soon.

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