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Altitude of Helos in uncap
« on: February 08, 2013, 12:51:19 am »
Hi ! everybody , don't know if this is possible or not but here goes , last night I got banned / or / kicked (120 minutes / tban I gather ) from your Heavy Metal server for destroying the US helo , which was way up over their uncap shooting out . Admittedly , we did have all flags and were watching to make sure nobody got C flag back or past us , but the US helo was shooting out of their uncap from a very high altitude  instead of leaving area and attacking us or try to get by us , which should make it an " available " target .

Question / suggestion : " is it possible to adjust the boundaries of uncaps height wise  , in other words , once helo is high enough we would be able to attack it , especially when it is shooting out from uncap " .

Thank you in advance for any input or suggestions , really like your Heavy Metal server and hold no ill thoughts or otherwise for getting tbanned for 2 hrs , even though in my opinion it should never have happened . Look forward to seeing you online .

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Re: Altitude of Helos in uncap
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2013, 12:46:48 pm »
fall back or switch teams ? ; )
( is it possible to adjust the boundaries of uncaps height wise)
after this 1 skilled at4 player and they never had a chance
right ?
(my opinion)

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Re: Altitude of Helos in uncap
« Reply #2 on: February 08, 2013, 05:13:13 pm »
I understand what you're saying my friend, and can sympathize to an extent, but your inclusion of the fact you were on the vastly superior team, helping to pen them in, kinda makes your argument null and void really.

What you have pointed out is the very definition of the situation the uncap protection rules are for. If a team is all capped, then they are obviously inferior to the winning side by quite a margin. The uncap rule is to give the losing team at least a semblance of a staging point to mount a fightback, without worrying about not even being able to spawn or do anything. Now, I agree that sitting firing out of the base is achieving precisely nothing, and if I were on his team I would probably have been raging at the pilot about it or taken the helo for myself to do something more productive, but nonetheless, being stuck in the uncap isnt a pleasant experience, and its good to remember that sometimes what you as an experienced player consider easy or an obvious decision, isnt necessary the same to someone less skilled/new/frightened.

We've all been stuck on the shitty team before, and got frustrated and experienced how bad this game feels when there is literally nothing you can do. Its not pleasant, so I don't feel further hamstringing a team that is on its last defence will help matters.

In your position, I personally would've retired to B, in case any of them got a brain and decided to fly past your teams cordon and do something worthwhile. There are many times I've been in the exact situation you describe, and mostly I'll switch to their team, and lead by example. There is nothing more rewarding than switching to a losing team and helping them turn a game around against people who are farming. If thats not possible. I will drop back and leave the  killwhores to fight it out between them. The ones who cant stop entering the deployment, and the ones who want to do nothing but farm free kills by sitting inside there firing out.

Eventually that opens the game up slightly. If a team is so imbalanced they get pegged into their uncap, then even if you let them take C they will still be just as shit, and you can just wade back in and take it. This means 1) people to actually kill 2) they will leave their uncap and 3) it provides a brief bit of excitement in an otherwise dull and shit game.

I hope you understand the point I'm driving at here. I just feel that yes, it is a shitty tactic, but I don't feel your proposed solution would accomplish anything worthwhile, besides helping the players out the door quicker because there is nothing they can do.

As always, thanks for your input, it is always appreciated whatever it is, and it is always considered and taken seriously. The above views are my personal ones, maybe someone else agrees with you. If so they are free to post their thoughts and obviously anything said would be given full attention and consideration to help improve and keep the place what it is.

All the best.
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Re: Altitude of Helos in uncap
« Reply #3 on: February 09, 2013, 02:20:08 am »
Thanks for the input gents , as you mentioned about swithching teams groundpounder , that is usually what I do when possible , have been on your HM server so many times and done exactly that , and ended up winning countless times . The thought I had about setting an altitude for the helos to become targets , was to make them feel that they could not get away with what they were doing , and try to get out instead , which I'm sure they eventually would have managed to do .

Once again thank you very much for your input , it is greatly appreciated and not taken lightly .

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Re: Altitude of Helos in uncap
« Reply #4 on: February 09, 2013, 01:41:52 pm »
It would be great if it was possible, I'd have it set up in a instant :(
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