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« on: October 03, 2011, 03:19:47 pm »
Hey hey,

The foreplay:
As a couple of you know, I'm currently a student at two schools, one of them is hand-drawn animation (cartoon making) and the other one is professional 3D animation.
The second school is an institution that has a very close relationship with AUTODESK (a company most known for developing 3Ds Max)
(which is a software most known for the epic list of films that were made with 3Ds Max).
And I've only been there for 3 days and I've already learned a LOT from those guys!

The thing:
Today I bought this 3D navigator which helps me move around in 3D space. It's freaking amazing!
I wonder if it could be used to navigate the helis in bf. :D

[hs width=450 height=300]!Space-Navigator.jpg[/hs]
You wouldn't think, but it's actually quite heavy! 1.5 pounds, that is: 0.6kg.
I guess it's necessary though, because you can raise the camera by pulling the stick up. If it wasn't this heavy, I'd lift the thing off the table. :P
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