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FOV and Render Ahead Limit
« on: October 14, 2013, 05:59:43 pm »

here some help I wrote to sttus for bfbc2 ...

First of all you have to close the game.

The Render Ahead Limit has to be edited manually in your Documents folder.
Go to the BFBC2 folder and open the settings.ini in an editor.
Change the line 'RenderAheadLimit=3' to 1.
Leave editor open as we need it to change some other settings.

go to: , there you calculate the vertical FOV to your favour.
Enter your ingame screen resolution and press calculate, then you see your calculated FOV. Go back to the settings.ini (already open) and

change the numeric value => FOV=55 to the calculated FOV(maybe FOV=78).
-->[with a larger FOV you actually gain distance]<--

hope it helps ya, schnakenhaken

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Re: FOV and Render Ahead Limit
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2013, 07:49:02 am »

i copy the reply here so poeple can find this easyer......

id tryed this on my vaio:
the idea is to start bfbc2game.exe as a high priorty task. open bfbc2 folder. ther is the bfbc2game.exe in it. creat a new text file in folder. in this text file write this:

start /high bfbc2game.exe

save as startbfbc2.bat

it have to be saved as .bat (this is important). copy the file and do a desktop link to start bfbc2 with high priorty. start a new game. its necesary to close the game before doin this. hope it helps ya, schnakenhaken...........



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