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Re: Havoc stats padding
« Reply #20 on: March 24, 2012, 04:13:03 pm »
Sorry ivox,

maybe you don't know me for long, maybe I wasn't the first who ever took the hind to fly to C, to take C or to built some trapps for the enemy there. But you can believe my word, that I go and try to get to C more as once to get there, and maybe I am the first who did it at GDZ server. But I watch at the minimap and try to find out is it possible to get there and I try to get there. But not for every price, because I have to think about the tickets of my team, especially if it's gonna be the losing team. Each shot down cost the team 2 to 4 tickets by each missing try.

And if it's not pssoible, because every tank, every engeneer with AT4 or RPG, the enemy choppers are shooting against you on 2/3 of the field, it makes no sense to lose the tickets, then it is more helpfull to support team to win field back. And you know in this round you talk about the enemy was always close to our uncap and into the A treeline.

I always look for the best support for the team and watch what is need in every special situation, I prefer to fly to C with the hind, because it's so much fun to build trapps and take C and I guess the GDZ members know that, because they all made there own expirience :)

And I am suprised why it is only a thread like this about the hind, where are the threads about camping tanks, tanks camp in uncap and shooting from there, where are the thread about the apache pilots who only hover over C and firing from there?

If I am at US team flying the apache, I always look and find ways to get the camping hind from the sky, not each try works but every second or third. Here in the thread are tipps to get it down by engeneer, I don't understand the worry about it.


who don't think, that you that old as me ;)

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Re: Havoc stats padding
« Reply #21 on: March 24, 2012, 06:25:27 pm »
The difference between a camping tank and a camping Hind is that a tank only seats 2, and doesnt have guided semi automatic bullets I imagine. A tank requires great skill to shoot from range, gauging the bullet drop and stuff. A Hind has built in zoom, elevated positioning and people repairing it. It is, to all intents and purposes, unkillable if you have a skilled pilot, B base and enough room between B and the chopper with all the repairing. You can try all game, and I have, bearing in mind I am not unskilled with the at4, to shoot the Hind, and 2 minutes later its back again doing the same thing so its pretty pointless. I understand both viewpoints, and to an extend I totally agree with Ice. Laying down covering fire, as I said earlier in this thread, is an excellent tactic for allowing your team to push up. But doing it to the extent it is now happening, where people are hovering over the ridge near A trees when they have B, or even the uncap, is ridiculous.

I have been on the losing team numerous times with this happening, (not to toot my own horn but I am not a bad player, and I always go on the losing team where possible) and its like being shot at by 5 tanks at once when someone lights you up trying to get to B. Not just that,  5 tanks who have precision aim from a distance you couldnt hope to retaliate from. Even if you are proficient with the at4, you are being sniped by 5 people, lit up and shot at by numerous engineers as well as hind bullets the size of houses blowing up all around you. Even if you could hit it, there is no way to get a clean shot to aim at the hind let alone hit it when its behind B.

I consider it a cheap tactic as there is no counter. Bring up at4's or whatever you wish, there is a counter to that, You miss with an at4 you are dead. simple as. It takes great skill to become proficient with it, and most the time you die trying if you are the losing team, when you should be helping your team push.

As I said, its a legitimate tactic to an extent, but at what point does it become as bad as the sniping shit on this map that we have limited? I think its already worse than any sniping epidemic, as sniper rifles don't have an 8 foot splash damage radius.

It will only get worse from here, to the point there will be eventually always people on the russian team doing it and no game will be without this tactic. But that's just my stance on it, and I'm older now and bitter as sin ;D
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Re: Havoc stats padding
« Reply #22 on: March 24, 2012, 07:50:03 pm »
"where people are hovering over the ridge near A trees when they have B, or even the uncap, is ridiculous."

Yes it is

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Re: Havoc stats padding
« Reply #23 on: March 24, 2012, 11:05:26 pm »
i trolled lots of heavy metal servers as you know and i am banned from lots too

i have never seen (maybe once or twice) the hind used in such a way its annoying yes, cheap tactic yes, a legitimate tactic also yes...

i tank whore and AT4 whore alot these days and became semi efficient at dealing  with this hind using a tank shell (love killin heli's with tanks more so than AT4 as that became relatively easy)

i dont think anything should be done about this unless it is camping over the uncap for a prolonged periond of time then id say just slay the pilot :)

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Re: Havoc stats padding
« Reply #24 on: March 25, 2012, 12:49:00 am »
hi m8s, sometimes i fly the hind. most time i fly it between ru uncap & "b". i dont know if u saw me alone at the battlefiled with g3 or something else, thats not my strength. many time there is my k/d under 1 or a little bit over this. my strength is to fly the hind or gunning out of any chopper.
i think its not easy to hit or distroy the hind if it is far away of your position, if the pilot can see the atack, he can try to dodge but he have to see or hear it. this chopper is really lazy and is not able to atack near the enemys, thats why the hind will be used like a taxi many time. if u wanna distroy the hind, u should be out of field of view, maybe behind or under the chopper and go to there isn´t really hard.
last time the hind was over "a treeline", i was in the "a treeline" and still quiet, than i had taken my at4 and shots to upside, one shoot distroyed the hind and u can look at my stats with this weapon......  :-[
most time we are only with 2 people in hind, one fly and one shoot & repair, so like other choppers we go backward to repair the hind or swap the place in air but in this time nobody is at the gunnerseat.

i think all guys who is annoeyed of the hind should try to fly the hind and they will see that its not so easy how u imagine because sometimes really all try to shoot u down, with apache, black hawk, tank, buggy )yes buggy too(, vads, at4 & snipers.

but i can understand it too. sometimes i think the same about the snipers, tanks, apache/havoc or something else if the player is maybe to good 4 this weapon.
take one or other players,

n8t distroyed 80% of enemy chopper with at4
eagle is a verry good sniper
cpt winter is a verry good sniper too
pigi don t talk about him, he can fly, sniper, handweapon, maybe all others too.
lemigs distroys with tank every chopper sooner or later.
Ice, is mine expert, apachepilot, hindgunner
ravnen crashes the hind with the uav

i could write many more....
so everybody can anything verry good and otherthing less, i think so should it be in this and all other games.

i hope to see u all trying to fly the hind next round, maybe than i am waiting in my second favorit vehicle at b  ;)

i hope u can understand my "professional english"  :D

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Re: Havoc stats padding
« Reply #25 on: March 28, 2012, 03:20:03 pm »
so true ivox69 (seems I am not alone out there) see you on the Battlefield ;)
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Re: Havoc stats padding
« Reply #26 on: March 31, 2012, 03:39:06 pm »
Haha typical RaVnen - UAV sniping the Hind... Goddamn camper :D

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Re: Havoc stats padding
« Reply #27 on: April 21, 2012, 12:15:35 am »
take blackhawk and sneak to hind close as posible and shoot . Try this take hind fly and shoot alone in air .  8)


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Re: Havoc stats padding
« Reply #28 on: September 02, 2013, 04:01:23 pm »
I use this Hind tactic aswell. Hover the Hind between the uncap and the left hillside covered with trees and windmills. Most hillsides at B are filled with Engineers ( AT4), and the VADS cannon. Flying over C or towards B will be your end if you are the HIND pilot. The chopper is just too slow to compete with an Apache or Havoc. If the Hind had rockets, just like in BF2 or BF1942 Desert Combat, the Hind would be much stronger.
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Re: Havoc stats padding
« Reply #29 on: September 02, 2013, 05:07:41 pm »
I beg to differ, the Hind is as fast as any other helicopter, it's just a big beast to turn or stop. Also, taking the Hind from RU spawn to C is easy and very doable if the apache pilot/gunner isn't that good and no good AT4 shots around. You can easely dodge the VADS if you stick to the ground alot. Then, you have to worry in C about cover, there is almost no cover in C, it's a base on a hill with 3 houses, all a tank has to do is randomly shoot and he'll get to you.

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