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Re: Ch4v's rig info.
« Reply #10 on: October 09, 2010, 07:22:34 pm »
Quote from: "Ch4v41lf3"
Sorry guys forgot to put gfx on the list, im still running my 1gb gainward 9600gt as it still works fine.
I've upped the cpu as far as 3Ghz and all seems stable in and out of games, gonna give it another push and see what i can get from it.
Robbie the cpu heatsink im using is an arctic freezer pro [hsimg:3jigpdvu] 4fJ9a_i_DYo6kEpw&t=1&usg=__xT2yNdVQ0Xa4RbtXwPhlYljYsgA=[/hsimg:3jigpdvu]

Oh and yes its the black edition 7850.

Thanks guys an will post back once ive blown it up ;)

be carefull get advice : [youtube:3jigpdvu][/youtube:3jigpdvu]



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